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For Foreign tourists

Authentic KARAOKE!!!

KARAOKE with live music.

Let's enjoy singing songs with live music !

Watching a performance by cover-band of the Beatles is fun,

but I know you would like to sing a song yourself.

You could become Paul or John, If you want.


You can sing not only Beatles’ song.

But Whitney Houston, Bon-Jovi, Oasis, Elvis Presley,ABBA, and more,more,more!!

アンソニー 外人さん.jpg



Admission Fee 





Non Alcohol  1000yen/glass

Alcohol   1000yen ~ /glass



You can sing

     with live music!! 

Sing  1000yen / song


Tax and service charge 



Open hour

​Mon to Sat. from7pm to 2am 

Our live performances starts from  8pm

​Fixed holday  Sundays & public holidays




21世紀地図map 英語 English.jpg

=== Access ===

  8 minutes walk from Yamanote Line or Chuo Line     

                                                  Shinjyuku Station(West exit)


=== Address ===

7-13-5,Nishi-Shinjyuku,Shinjyuku,Tokyo,JAPAN 160-0023

=== Phone ===



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